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Tuesday, 15 January 2013 03:56

First, because the links on the far left are not working, please see the repositories of software at

Also, in order to see previous articles in the system, just do a search for 'the' in the left column.

The site is fundamentally broken and will be replaced with a new dynamic site based on Perl Catalyst, in which web services will be available to users to demo the capabilities of the FRDCSA.  2012 has been a year of solid employment, and I am now in position to have some financial resources for accomplishing some of the objectives of the project.  I am saving up the requisite funds to pay for a period of development wherein the FRDCSA itself is finally released.  I have also been able to obtain server equipment and many areas of the project are now feeling a new breath of freedom.  However, with employment, there hasn't been any time to develop the software itself, however, I am learning many techniques such as Moose and Catalyst which will come in handy for the revised FRDCSA / FRDCSA 2.0.

Work has focused in a few areas.  The Free Life Planning System has come along, and I've learned all about the field of practical reasoning and rational agency.  To this end the Utility Maximization System is also being developed, in order to help improve the allocation of funds within the project and for those struggling to make ends meet.  Many of the user level programs like Paperless Office are working well.  There is work on integrating GDL-II with the Free Life Planner, and synthesizing a forward chaining expert system within the Datalog constructs.  The rules for the life planner are being mined by natural language processing systems, and are tailored to extract rules based on logic form.  NLU is an area of development.  We now have a private cloud and are creating new virtual machines for various free software projects.  This is the basis of the POSI groupware system, in which the POSI system is being reinvisioned in terms of Multi-Agent Epistemic Logic and other Dynamic/Action logics.  There is a good paper in a previous Artificial Intelligence Magazine, called Logics for Multiagent Systems, which is very useful in covering alot of the areas I am focused on.  We are transitioning our old servers to VMs using P2V.  A new project is starting with some of the developers of the bLeaf Ethical Consumer system.  Work on using the FLOSSMole datamarts is progressing, and integrating with the existing system-recommender code for accelerating the location of software that is suitable to various project purposes.  GUIs have been written for various systems, and we may be transitioning to running Plack servers with Catalyst for the applications themselves.  A new system for managing file metadata that is invariant to movement of files and extends the Gnome Nepomuk tracker system is under development, and is being used with the Academician system to represent knowledge the user has learned in reading papers.  The academician system is rapidly being developed to handle more keystroke to stored knowledge Emacs key bindings - a prelude to the KMax systemClear is being fixed up and a default reasoning system for queuing papers is under development.  The list could go on and on.  In truth, develoment has been very slow because I am spending all of my time and energies on my great new job, but the overall system is improving rapidly, and I do, on weekends and breaks, have a little time to develop these systems.  So the powers of the FRDCSA are growing, and it's infrastructure is improving vastly, including networking and RAID arrays and so forth.  Things are on the up and up.

Having said that, it has been difficult to find collaborators.  Fortunately, with POSI being restarted, and with biweekly scrums being scheduled with a free software equivalent of Webex, things are going to improve in the collaboration department.  If you have any interest in working with me, please send me an email with the subject FRDCSA.

I am also hiring out the development of some of the FRDCSA Android infrastructure, to more capable hands.

So, good news.  Hope all is well with you and yours.

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